When Is Tree Removal Important?

While trees are so integral and valuable to the environment, there are times when it becomes important to remove a tree. There are a number of reasons why tree removal is important and even essential in some cases.

1. Light

One of the greatest benefits of trees is that they provide shade. But when they become overgrown, the natural light may be restricted to such an extent that a home can become dark and gloomy. The lawn and other plants in the garden may also be affected by the lack of sunlight preventing them from growing and flourishing.

In some cases, simply cutting back the branches and thinning out the foliage on a regular basis may be sufficient. However, in cases where the tree has simply grown too large for a yard or to make room for other trees in the garden it is best to have it removed.

2. Electricity

Overgrown trees can begin to intrude on the overhead power lines and other cables which could cause blackouts or have other disastrous consequences. Once again, cutting the branches back may suffice but this process will need to be performed regularly in order to prevent the tree from interfering with the power lines. My friend Alan Barnes who is a local tree maintenance provider likes to say that “As the tree gets bigger, the problem will only get worse and tree removal may be the best option from the start”. It definitely holds true if you’re actively thinking about tree removal or other alternatives.

3. Underground Pipes

The root system of the tree can grow around and into the water and outlet or sewerage pipes that are placed underground. If you notice that your baths, showers, basins and sinks are not draining sufficiently, there are puddles of standing water in the yard that never seem to drain away or a foul sewerage odor in the yard, it is more than likely that a pipe has become blocked by the roots of a tree.

In this case it is best to call a plumber to assess the extent of the damage and to remove the blockage. Unfortunately, simply removing the roots that have affected the pipes will not be sufficient as they will simply grow back and cause the same problem. It is best to have the tree professionally removed as soon as possible. This is one of the most common reasons to have a tree removed.

4. Structural Damage

There are many ways that a tree can cause structural damage to the home. Falling leaves can result in blocked drains and gutters as well as cause rot to set in on ceilings and in the yard. Falling branches can result in immense damage to the roof, walls of the house and cause broken windows.

The root system can lift garden paths, walkways, driveways and other surfaces. They may also grow into the foundation of a house which is a very serious problem as it can affect the structural integrity of the building. It is very important to have trees removed as soon as possible if they are affecting the structural integrity of the home in any way.

Regular care and maintenance of trees can prevent them from becoming overgrown and necessitating their removal.